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Ahlan wa Sahlan or Welcome! 


Come on in, sit back and browse around.  You've come to the right place especially if you're looking for information on renting, buying flats, apartments or villas.  We also provide you with details on relocating, moving or visiting Al Rehab City, New Cairo or Cairo Egypt in general.  

We've have tons of information for you and/or your family.  Without a doubt getting solid information on Egypt is very hard to come by.  This is the primary reason we started this website.  You are actually networking with people who actually living, eat and sleeping in Al Rehab and/or Egypt.  Our staff is composed of  both ex-pats  and native born Egyptians.  On The Al Rehab Directory you will find those of us who speak English (American, British, Canadian, Australian etc) and Arabic speakers as well.  Don't be afraid to ask questions, because that's exactly what we are here for.  

If you are planning on relocating or making Hijrah to Egypt then we suggest you take a look at what Al Rehab has to offer you and in more particular what services "WE" have to offer to make your visit, stay or relocation easier visit.  We brokers for flats, apartments and villas whether your needs are short term or long term take a look here Al Rehab Information Section.

If you're planning a trip to Egypt you will want to visit our "Starting Off" page.  It is loaded with tons of information and resources about what you need to do BEFORE you come to Egypt or Al Rehab.  

We know making the decision to relocate to a foreign country can at times be difficult if you do not have the proper resources.  Well we are here to take the guess work out.  Not all individual or family situations are the same.  Each has it's own unique challenges.  You might be single and just have to only worry about yourself.  Then there are those who are married and have children.  What do you need in terms of paperwork to register them for school?   What type of visas will you need?  How do you go about getting those visas once you are here?  Where are the schools located and are they suitable for your children? You  might be only interested in learning Arabic or studying to be a hafiz of the Holy Quran.  Where are the Scholars and Teachers?  Do you register your children in Al Azhar or put them in English Language School, French Schools, German school?  So many challenging questions ahead of you.  However, the good thing is we are here to assist you.  Our experience and expertise will help you make the proper decision for yourself and/or your family. Then you will have confidence and peace of mind knowing that when you finally do arrive in Egypt you and/or your family will not be faced with overwhelming tasks that often occurs in getting settled in a foreign country.  We have personal drivers who speak and read the Arabic language and have contacts in the places that you're going to need to get things down effectively.  Or we have information packets that are loaded with currently and accurate information and resources that will help make your transition to Egypt move smoother.  Do you need a lawyer, an accountant, or someone who will represent you in your language and speaks theirs?  Look no further "The Buck Stops Here!" Come see "Our Services".




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